The Most Beautiful Courthouse: People love their old courthouses and often dress up the old retired building while holding court in a new modern one. To me there is no courthouse comparable to this one in Yanceyville, NC. Drive down to Chapel Hill by way of Danville and you might spot this beauty off to the right as you skirt by Yanceyville. It is worth your time to pause and inspect it. This antebellum Italianate style structure was built between 1830 and 1861 and designed by William Percival. It is so beautiful sitting there in the middle of washed up stores and inactivity. It reminds me of the Taj Mahal. And Yanceyville even has a connection to Henry County. At one time there were cotton mills there in which the Schreibfeders were involved. If you, the reader, can elaborate on that connection I welcome it.