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Archive Photo of the Year : 2010 : Reverend Richard C. Silver

Reverend Richard C. Silver Perhaps the real award should go to Bev Millner who brought me the photo of Reverend Silver. It was a photo that needed to be in our collection and it was a long, long time coming. Finally it appeared in the book "Remembering Fieldale Hollow". I was surprised! Reverend Silver was one of the first ministers at Mountain Top Church west of Fieldale. I used to see Reverend Silver every Saturday morning. He and his wife, both dressed in black and her with a black umbrella, walked out of a dirt road onto S.R. 609 just west of Merriman Road and headed down to the Hollow in Fieldale. On Saturday afternoon they walked back. It was a good 2 miles one way and they walked very slowly. Long ago his church was in the area of 10th Street in Fieldale. It moved 'up the hill' from there to the Mountain Top location. Around 1918 Fieldcrest Mills deeded land to Mountain Top to rebuild their church in the Hollow. But Silver's home was at Mountain Top in the pine woods.

Thank you Bev!

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