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  Bill Adkins, Man of the Year | Martinsville & Henry County, VA   
Bill Adkins Fieldale Community Center
That handsome building is the center of Fieldale and has stood since the 1930s. It was built by the same people who built the Fieldale towel mill, eventually know as Fieldcrest; in the 1950s the community oriented mill management added two pools to the recreation complex. Fieldcrest is no more but its legacy lives on. The Community Center's success today derives from this man, Bill Adkins. He is unflappable, resourceful, wise and soft-spoken. For years he has refused to give up on the Center despite losing major sources of funding - rent from Fieldale Middle School and maintenance funds from Pillowtex. Two years ago there was no water to fill the pools: the Center dug its own well. At one time last spring there were only enough funds to keep the Center doors open for two days. Today the Center is busier than it has ever been - winter and summer. Thank you, Bill, for your service to the community.
Martinsville and Henry County, VA

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