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Christmas Parade 1955 Martinsville, VA
A group of Martinsville High School Cheerleaders riding on/in a 1955 Chevy convertible pass by Wampler's Drugs on Main Street in Martinsville, VA. Wampler's was operated by Graves Wampler who first worked at Patterson's Drugs on the Square. About 1951 Wampler opened a small store on Main Street near Abe Globman's new department store. When Mr. Globman expanded so did Wampler. Another Wampler, Corky, was part of the business by the time of this photo. The man in the white shirt in the window looks like Graves Wampler.

From a reader: To Elizabeth W. Kennedy: I had a Mrs. Wampler for the first grade at Patrick Henry School. She left in the middle of the year to have a baby, 1950 or1951. As a class we gave her a ceramic baby shoe with flowers. The classroom was at the very end of the hall, so we could see the houses. When I was applying for a teaching position in 1969, she was retiring and Mr. Richmond said he was giving me her position. I was at Druid Hills for 2 years. Brenda Donavant Davies

Daughter's Comment: This displays a picture of the 1955 Christmas Parade passing by my father's drug store - Graves W. Wampler who owned and operated Wampler's Pharmacy -- and yes, that is my father inside the window looking out .... I was thrilled to find this photo online - I am Graves' youngest daughter, Elizabeth Wampler, and do not remember "the old store" as displayed in this picture, but have very fond memories of years spent in the larger store  attached to Globman's new department store. If anyone out there has more pictures of my father, mother or the store, I would be very grateful to receive them.
Elizabeth W Kennedy

From a Reader (IP Address: Comment: The cheerleaders in front of Wamplers were our Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Mary Garland LaPrade, Patsy Ramsey, Barbara Cotty, Betsy Carper, Kay Isley and Bonnie Stone.

Reader (IP Address: Comment: Patsy Ramsey was our neighbor. they moved and opened the fairystone motel. i cried. i loved her. her father and brother were quinton's and i do not recall her mom but i can see her. bob fusfeld

From a New York READER: The woman in the white uniform with arms folded (just in front of Graves W.) is named Mary and worked at Wampler's. I remember her from the "new Wampler's", which was the happening place to be for Mavahi teenagers on Saturday afternoons in the early 60's.

From A Private Collection

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