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Saul and Yetta Schreibfeder Grandchildren 2010
They are the grandchildren of Saul Morris and Yetta Schreibfeder. In 2010 they gathered in Martinsville and Danville to celebrate their grandparents' 100th wedding anniversary. Family members from California, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia visited the site of the old Jobbers Pants Factory and Standard Garments to reflect upon this historic spot in Martinsville's history. Saul M. Schreibfeder was general manager of Jobbers Pants Company, a branch of the Standard Overall Company headquartered in Baltimore, MD. Jobbers began operations in Martinsville, VA in November of 1933 and employed white men and women and black men. Black women at that time could only find work as maids, laundresses, and cooks. Black community leaders sought the help of Mr. Schreibfeder and he convinced Standard Overall to expand their operations to include black women.

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