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Synagogue On Moss Street
In 1927 Moss Street was the "main drag" in Martinsville, VA. Over the years it has declined and the action has moved eastward along Church and Main Streets. Actually there was probably more action on Moss in that year than there is in all of uptown Martinsville today. But on this day, July 5, the Jewish community celebrated as two of their children married in the new, almost finished synagogue. Harry Levy and Sabina Fusfeld Levy had at least one child and lived in Martinsville where Harry worked in retail. Eventually he took his business to Blackstone while his family lived here. The once new synagogue is now a Senior Center and Ohev Zion has moved to Parkview Avenue. In 2013 the names Fusfeld and Levy are nearly nonexistent locally. Photo added 10-7-2013.

From A Private Collection

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