Arnn Aaron Family Henry and Pittsylvania County VA

Aaron Line:
George Washington Arnn was born in 1772 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. Some researchers list his middle initial as 'M'. However, this is probably an incorrect transcription of 'W'. He married Sarah Walker who was born to Elisha and Judith (Kirby) Walker around 1784. By 1830 they and most of their children had migrated to Henry Co., TN where she died in Jun 1849 followed by him on 11 Jul 1855. Most of the descendants of George and Sarah moved west and spell their surname Arnn. Children of George Arnn Sr.: Henry Clay married Mary Ann Robertson, George Jr. married (1) A. Frances Donaldson (2) Charlotte Lewry and (3) Louisa V. Lankford, Abihu married Margaret Blair, Anadab married Eleanor Alexander, Ann married John Walker, Judith married William M. Frazer, James Madison married Amanda Bond, Frances 'Fannie' married John I. Crawford, John, Kitt and William. I descend from Henry Clay Arnn. Henry Clay Arnn was born around 1799 according to the 1850 census. On 26 Nov 1825, he married Mary Robertson who was born around 1800 according to the same census. Henry died after his father's will was probated on 7 Jan 1857 and before the census was taken in 1860. Mary was living with her son Crispin in Henry Co., TN when the 1860 census was taken. She is listed as Mary D. aged 61 years born in NC. All of Henry's family moved to TN except George Washington who lived in VA and NC. His descendants took the spelling Aron which later became Aaron. Children of Henry Clay Arnn: George Washington married (1) Julina Witcher and (2) Mary Frances 'Fannie' Haley, David married Ann Babb, Edward H. married Letitia McFadden, Crispin married Mary Griffin and Anna/Frances 'Ann' married James Parker. I descend from George Washington Aron.

George W. Aron George Washington Aron was born 2 Nov 1828 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. He first married Julina Witcher who was also born in Pittsylvania Co., VA on 12 Dec 1834 to Caleb and Frances (James) Witcher. They had eight children. Julina/Julia died on 23 Apr 1875. In 1877, George then married Mary Frances 'Fannie' Haley with whom he had 6 children. He died 25 Jan 1902 in Leaksville, NC. Children of George Washington Aron and Julina Witcher: John James married Hattie Hicks, George W. Jr. married L.D. Gardner, Martha A. 'Pattie J.' married J.P. Finney, Daniel Witcher 'Witch', Letcher, Bruce James married Susie Clay Marlow, Thomas married Aura Lee Shorter and Charles C. married Ida Aron. Children of George W. Aron and Fannie Haley: Julia F., Mary H., Mae, William J. 'Willie', Fannie 'Kate' and Ezra W. I descend from Bruce James Aron.

Susie (Marlow) and Bruce James Aaron Bruce James Aron was born 5 Aug 1864. His daughter, Elsie, wrote that her father was born on 5 Aug 1860. However, according to the ages listed for him in the 1900 and 1910 censuses, he was born in 1864 or 1865. Some researchers have listed his day of birth as the 15th. Since Elsie listed it as the 5th, it is assumed to be the day on which the family celebrated his birth. On 26 May 1888, he married Susie Clay Marlow. She was born to David Andrew Marlow and Nancy Elizabeth 'Betty' Hall on 25 Mar 1872. They had eight children. Brucelived his entire life in the Grady/Callands area of Pittsylvania Co., VA. He died on 4 Nov 1926 and Susie died on 3 Jan 1930. Children of Bruce James Aron: Henry Clay married (1) Ressie Ann Hundley and (2) Charlotte Clauze, Edward James married Claudia Seay, Elsie Elizabeth married Leslie Stone Wells, Bessie Julia died young, George Lester married Ellen Crocker, Mae Frances married Luther Seay, Susie Wilma married Smith Payne Gilliam and Evylene Truman marriedClaude Inman.

Leslie S. and Elsie (Aaron) Wells with daughter Doris Elsie Elizabeth (Aaron) Wells was my great grandmother. Her daughter, Mary Gladys, married Cecil Randolph Hubbard, a descendant of Isaac Arnn.

I hope you find this information on the Aaron/ Arnn family interesting. As you do your own research, keep in mind that Cecil and Gladys Hubbardthings are not always as they appear...especially the spelling of surnames.




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