No One Sings It Like Kate

Toms Bells
Ailcey Hairston's Chatmoss
Robert Franklin Barker Collection
Eugene Spencer, Native American
Ruth Groves Chaney
Doug Stegall Treasures
John & Nannie Wood Adkins
Puckett/Trent Family
Douglas G. Griffith
Leonard & Bea Setliff Collection
William M. "Mickey" Haynes

Thomas D. Perry Collection
   Yankees In Martinsville
   History Class Visit
   Frank Stringfellow, Spy & Minister
   Perry Receives DAR National Award 2011
   Area Men Who Lost Their Lives In Vietnam
   Tom Perry's Blog: Fayette Street Shootout

Brown Collection
   Brown Slides Identified
   Brown Slides Unidentified
   Tarleton Brown and the Fayette Street Shootout

Fieldale Collection - click to expand

Lester Collection
   Morton Lester
   H.C. Lester Home Burns

Bill Arnold Adkins
R. D. Harris
Shumate Collection - partial
A Link To: Jessamine Shumate Wikipedia Bio
Thomasson Collection partial
Saul Schreibfeder
J. Alfred Stegall Website
Linda Padgett Hollandsworth Collection
Estelle Joyce Collection
Arnn/Aaron Collection
Chaffin Family
Davis/Hurd Family

Lipford Collection
   Family History
   Historic Grandfather Clock

Ross Collection
   Ross Family History
   Pat's History Corner

George Washington
St. Patrick/Antrim Parish
Martinsville Bankers

Background photo is the Smith River at Woolwine in Patrick County