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Georgia Wenzel | MyHenryCounty.com/MyMartinsville.com

The Grannie Stories Georgia Wenzel moved to Martinsville from New England and has since moved on to South Carolina. She is "heading south" as they say and it is our loss. While living in Martinsville Georgia wrote a delightful book about her family. This description of the book by the publisher says it all:
"With many modern couples eventually having a divorce, sometimes it's the visiting grandparents who help to provide the extra love and attention needed by their grandkids. And for children fortunate enough that their grandparents live nearby, then they can always have a second home to go to where they can be themselves. Get in touch with your roots and share in the joy of these heartwarming family stories with Georgia Wenzel's The Grannie Stories. When God made a grandmother, He made sure they would be grand indeed. This delightful book is about the author's Grannie, a very special woman who had a strong influence in her life, and the others in her family who have taken on the grannie title. But this is life, not a fairy tale: so there is deception, infidelity, strong personal loss, and a lot of humor. Perhaps you will see some of your family history within these pages." Buy this book at Amazon.


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