George and Katherine Thomason had 9 children: George, Katherine, Edward, Grace, Henry, Thomas, Elizabeth, Bridget, and Frances. It was their son Thomas who headed for the New World. Born in London in 1646, Thomas emigrated to Virginia in 1677 at age 27 and became a plantation owner. He owned land in Caroline County and died in Stafford County in 1728 at age 82. He married Genia Reeves (1648-1720) in 1691. They had three sons: Thomas (1667-1773), Samuel (1691-1753), and George (1703-1783). Their youngest son George, born November 10, 1703, remained in eastern Virginia owning large holdings of land in Louisa County. He married Mary Pollard and they had 10 children: William, Elizabeth, Thomas, Richard, John, George, Ann, Fleming, Christian and Sally. He died in Louisa County August 22, 1783.

And finally it was George's son William (1734-1800) who left eastern Virginia and ventured toward the frontier to settle in present day Henry County. William Thomasson purchased 100 acres on 'the branches of Leatherwood' Creek in 1793 from John Collier. His holdings lay in the Mountain Valley area. William married twice but his second marriage to Mary Estes produced the 11 or more children we cover here. They were: Jane ("Janey"), Fleming, Sarah, James, Peter, Anne, Joseph, Lynn, Elias, Winnie and Arnold.

After William's death the Leatherwood farm was sold to William Shackelford. William Thomasson's sons Joseph and Fleming were executors of his estate. The farm sold for 27 pounds in 1805.

William Thomasson's Children
A daughter, Jane ("Janey") Thomasson, born 1765 and died 1801, married Thomas Egleton(or Eggleston). They had a number of children. One son was Gay Flournoy Eggleton, Sr. b. 3/4/1791. Another listed son is Moses Eggleton b. 3/30/1801. Many Egglestons in Henry County are descended from Thomas and Janey's son Gay Flournoy Eggleston, Sr. Janey died when the Gay was still small and Thomas remarried Polly Fleeman. They had several children one of whom was a daughter Lucy Anne Eggleston. The daughter married and the Ridgeway area Pace family is descended from her.

Some of Janey's siblings moved west but at least 2 brothers, Fleming and Joseph remained to keep the actual Thomasson name alive in Henry County.   back : next
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