William Thomasson's Children continued

Fleming Thomasson
In the modern day town of Collinsville, VA stands an old Thomasson house which dates back to Fleming Thomasson (1766 - 1827), son of William Thomasson and as previously mentioned, one of the executors of his estate. The house is at 216 Alma Boulevard and is unoccupied now. It is made of oak logs and is a double house which was a familiar type of frontier home. Originally the two parts of the house were connected by a dog-trot but this was later filled in and turned into a hallway. Each building has a separate set of stairs and there is a rock chimney at each end of the house. Fleming Thomasson was a brother of Joseph (see previous page) and married Margaret Davis. They had 7 children and two are described here: Joseph Thomasson (1795-1867) who married Sarah "Sally" Phifer (1792-1857) and lived in the old house on Daniels Creek. Another son, John D. Thomasson (1812-1894) traveled away from Henry County and ended up in Bedford, Indiana. For some reason there were many other transplanted Henry County natives living in Bedford, Indiana: Cahills, Shumates, Richardsons and Tyrees.

Fleming's son Joseph and his wife Sally had 9 children. their son William Henry (1837-1918) married Annie Mitchell (1849-1916) and he was the third generation of Thomassons to live in the Alma Boulevard home. Of course at that time it was not Alma Boulevard at all but a farm in the country. William Henry Thomasson served in the Confederate army in Company H of the 24th Virginia Regiment as did his brother Michael "Mike" Thomasson (1834-1909) and their cousin John Sanford Thomasson.

Joseph Thomasson
The 3rd child of Henry County pioneer William Thomasson mentioned here is Joseph Thomasson. He married Hester Simpson and had at least 8 children: John, Arnold, Martha, Elvira, William Simpson, Jane King, George W. and Riley G. Two of these children who are important in this recounting are Arnold and William Simpson.

Children of Joseph Thomasson
Later in life Joseph's son Arnold was the miller at Rough and Ready Mill on Reed Creek near present day Bassett Forks. He was also postmaster at Rough and Ready and passed that position on to his son John. Arnold was Justice of the Peace during the Civil War and was likely at Rough and Ready when the Yankee Colonel Palmer and troops camped nearby in April of 1865. Arnold and Sarah had 8 more children. Their son John Sanford Thomasson is pictured in the photo archive on this site. This John Sanford Thomasson married Nancy "Nannie" Edwards, a neighbor, whom he "courted" with poetry. back : next

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