Children of Joseph Thomasson continued

Click for more informaionJohn Sanford and Nancy had 10 children all of whom married. From these children we find connections to the Winns, Hundleys, Leakes, Clowers, Hardys and more Eggletons. John and Nannie lived their later years in the Beckham Church area which is east of Martinsville, VA.  

A second son of Joseph Thomasson who figures prominently in Henry County history was William Simpson Thomasson. He was born about 1810 and married Nancy B. Turner. Their children are listed as Elizabeth Jane, Adelphia, Wilson O., Martha F. Elvira H., Nancy A. "Nannie", Albert H. and Mary E. Thomasson. The mention of Wilson O. Thomasson brings us almost to modern day. Wilson married Julia M. Beach and their daughter, Nancy E. "Nannie or Bessie?" Thomasson, was the mother of James Louis Carter, long time city sheriff in Martinsville, VA. James served as city sheriff from 1945 until about 1976. View his photo in our archive HERE.








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